Jurrasic Melbourne

*NA Na na na, NA Na na na na *
Yes, let that Jurassic Park theme song play in your head as you imagine you are approaching the island of Isla Nublar…

Melbourne is now home to the Jurassic World exhibition at the museum which is here until October 9 but despite the fanfare and big brand name hype, is it any good?

The exhibition starts you off with a green screen to take a photo at with your crew / family (so maybe don’t come to this alone) and you will only find out what the projected image is at the end after which you are led to a waiting line in front of some shiny white doors that shows a timer for the next admittance.

After a little intro inside the white room (which is set up so you are meant to be on the boats you see in the movie that takes tourists to their impending doom) you are led through a path with various displays to designed replicate moments from the movie as a tourist on the island including the Gyrosphere park.

Naw, cute Triceratops baby

I won’t give away everything that you see on the exhibition but notable features include the “asset” escaping its enclosure and the lab where they made all the hectic secret things in the movie. (No, you do not get to be Chris Pratt and tame some velociraptors).

Look familiar? The lab that gave us the Indominus Rex

As you would expect, it ends in a gift shop filled with merchandise and Blu-rays of the movie and the opportunity to see your green screen photo and buy it.

To be honest, it felt like the “exhibition” was something more suited for a theme park than a museum exhibition and it is fairly short, provided you are not with little ones you will clear this in an hour tops, even if you read and watch everything. Your ticket includes entry to the rest of the museum so if you have more time to kill, have a wander.

In short:

Should I take the kids?


Should I go just for the Jurassic World exhibition?

No, not for its cost, unless you have kids (buy the family ticket). Go see the rest of the museum to really get your money’s worth and learn a thing or two as well.

Is Chris Pratt there?

No. Sorry ladies.

Some real dinosaurs in museum

Melbourne Museum – Jurassic World

  • 11 Nicholson St, Carlton, VIC 2053

Getting there:

  • Free tram from the city
  • Car / onsite parking (pretty expensive option)
  • Rent a blue push bike

Cost (Entry to the rest of the museum is included):

  • Adult: $34.65
  • Kids (ages 3-16): $22.42
  • Concession: $26.50
  • Family (1 adults + 3 Juniors OR 2 adults + 2 Juniors): $22.93

Note: Virgin Velocity Frequent Flyer members are eligible for a discount.

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