HSP – the new late night kebab run

Melbourne is known for fancy vegan-friendly, gluten-free hipster cafes and brunching culture, but away from this, most of us meat eaters have had the cheeky late night kebab (that is too big to finish) run after drinking or having some late night hunger cravings.

Come the new emerging trend and semi-mild craze, the Halal Snack Pack, or HSP for short.

Apparently Melbourne’s best though not sure how these ranking come about.

We drove 40 min to get to MKS (Melbourne Kebab Station. The owners are super friendly) for:

It’s a lot. It’s definitely easier to eat than a leaking kebab but lacks vegetables.
The owner even gave us an HSP plate. (BBQ sauce)


  • There is a lot of carbs (so many chips!).
  • There is a lot of meat / protein.
  • Easy to share. Can’t exactly share a  kebab with the bros…


  • There is a lot of carbs (so many chips!).
  • You probably shouldn’t be eating so much late at night.
  • Cheese not included. Check wherever you go to get HSP if cheese is standard.

Time will tell if HSP can earn a spot alongside the local legends of Maccas runs, kebab runs and the 1/4 chicken and chips from the local charcoal chicken.

So, HSP run…bro?

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