The under rated side attraction to Uluru

Uluru, while the impressive rock monolith that it is, can become dreary as you will realise you stare at the same landmark a lot as there isn’t much going on around it.

A not too far drive / bus ride away in another direction from town (Yulara) is Kata Tjuta National Park, or more simply, “The Olgas”.

The Olgas
In amongst the stones of the Olgas

The Olgas offer a challenging hike, and moderate fitness is best for this 7.4km + walk. You don’t need to be all Bear Grylls but be prepared for a pretty cardio heavy session. The path, for the most part, is loose rocks and dirt, very uneven and at times steep enough to turn into a climb, so wear runners or proper walking shoes! Don’t be like me and wear Nike Air Force 1’s and more or less destroyed my ankles on the constantly shifting surface of loose rocks.

Your ankles and feet will hate you for not wearing proper walking shoes
And on top of a difficult surface, it can get very hilly and steep

The hike is best done in reverse after you reach the first bridge (after the walk in from the car park area and starting the hike, signs will say go right after the first bridge, but go left for breathtaking views as you will be walking at the Olgas rather than having them behind you) and early in the day before it gets too hot as there are large sections where there is little to no shade. And of course, take plenty of water! There are a few drinking stations but they are few and far between and taste…odd.

Stunning views of the Australian Outback. It’s not all desolate sand
Perfect spot for your Facebook and Instagram

So get your Fit Bits on and clock up many thousands of steps as you enjoy some spectacular views and smash out a leg day.

Kata Tjuta / The Olgas

Price: Included in the $25 – 3-day pass to the whole area including Uluru.
Getting there: Join a tour, catch a bus from Yulara or hire your own car. Joining a tour is best since you will have significant sites explained to you.

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