The Sound of silence in a field of light

Firstly, so no one is confused about what I’m about to rattle on about, Field of Light Uluru and Sounds of Silence are two different things, and can be packaged together into what is called, A Night at The Field of Light.

I did the full package with the add-on of arriving in style by way of a camel (The camel ride itself will be a separate post). If you really want to arrive in style you can replace the camel with a helicopter however that will set, you back a whopping $615 AUD.

Not a helicopter, clearly

The night begins with arriving at a sand dune converted into a viewing area in a prime position for viewing the sunset over Uluru. Upon arrival (by camel or helicopter if you want to the VIP feeling) you are greeted with champagne and canapes are served throughout the sunset. Canapes include crocodile meat, kangaroo, and shrimp. How Aussie! An Indigenous dance performance is also shown whilst you enjoy your canapes.

Sunset viewing
Uluru and chill?

As the sun sets the refills of champagne and wine do not stop, but that doesn’t mean get hammered, it should go without saying this is hardly the place or occasion to end up face down in the sand…

Canapes on offer


Indigenous performance during sunset viewing


After the sun sets everyone will be ushered to a dining area which has been set up outside, which marks the beginning of the Sounds of Silence. This is a dining experience under the stars with ambient didgeridoo music, where fine dining crosses with Aussie “bush tucker” with ingredients such as kangaroo and crocodile. Yes, alcohol is kept topped up before you come to that question! Dinner and dessert are topped off with a brief astrologer coming out pointing out some star facts. Bonus points to the guy we had for being extremely funny and making the most out of a less than ideal sky being cloudy.


Table decor on point.


Once you have finished downing port and cake for dessert, everyone is ushered to the Field of Light.  The Field of Light is an art installation by English artist Bruce Munro comprising of ~52,000 lights. Impressive to say the least at the array of colours, however, given the time limit doing this as a part of dinner it does feel rushed for time to see the lights.This is probably the only negative I could draw fro the night.


The field of lights, love the illuminated wiring.



Electric blue



These hubs remind me of light patterns of major cities


For those of you that don’t feel the need for a camel ride, or sick of seeing the sunset of Uluru, or maybe not even in need of dinner, all the above activities can be done on their own and of course much cheaper. Also, bring a light jumper, it gets pretty cold as you will be outside after dark for a while.

The Field of Light Display will be there until March 2017, so just under a year to get out there!

Don’t forget to check out my previous post about hiking through the outback here!

Sound of Silence / Field of Lights


  • Camel Package: From $375 AUD
  • Helicopter package: From $615 AUD
  • A Night at field of light: From $235 AUD
  • Sounds of silence: From $195 AUD
  • Field of light entry only: From $35 AUD
  • Sunrise field of light: From $89 AUD

Getting there: Well depends on how much style you want to arrive in! Otherwise, bus transfers are included.

Duration: Display starts at sunrise (lights off of course in the day) and finishes up at 10.

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