Pokémon GO – Relive your childhood

No doubt you would have heard about this phenomenon sweeping our societies, causing millennials (including myself) to run around in random directions staring down at their phones trying to hunt down Pokémon.

So what is it?

It is an “augmented reality” mobile app / game letting users relive their childhood Gameboy memories by being the character in the Pokémon games.

This means using your real world locations to run around and catch virtual Pokémon in your real world and doing battle at gyms (random shops and parks in the real world, sometimes even a real gym) as you work towards being a real life Pokémon master…like no one ever was.

Augmented Reality putting Poliwags in my Vietnamese Pork Rolls

The Good:

  • So much nostalgia! It’s Pokémon!
  • A really good excuse to get in contact with friends you haven’t spoken to in a very long time, being busy with adult life and all.
  • If you need to pass the time, this is it.
  • Good exclude to go outside and get about.
  • No annoying Garry

The Bad:

  • The servers are down…. a lot.
  • It’s extremely data heavy
  • It’s extremely battery intense. It uses maps, GPA / locations, graphics and your camera. Watch your battery level drain as you play.
Endless grind – gotta catch em all

There is no denying the popularity of this so far and with the launch going ahead in the US of A expect to see even more of this craze and some bizarre behaviour in public as people chase down a rare Pokémon. There are even reports of a Pokémon GO related death in Mexico and a local police station in Darwin, Australia posted telling people they don’t need to enter the station to make a Pokestop after finding their building is a point where users can get items and to remember to look up from their phones to cross the road.

Stay safe kids.

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