The ruins of Mỹ Sơn

A (relatively – by Aussie standards) short drive away from the historic town of Hoi An, are the ancient ruins of My Son. The remains of the Hindu temples are nestled within the mountainous jungles. No need to worry about trudging through the thick jungle like the Vietnam war movies, though, it’s been cleared for tourism and is now a UNESCO world heritage site.

Despite being cleared, you definitely do not want to go wandering off into the jungle, cause you know, the war stuff, landmines…etc.

Hiring a driver for the trip is easiest and fastest way to go about it.
Up in the mountains.

The remnants left over are from the old Champa kingdom and have very luckily survived the Vietnam war. You will see bomb craters amongst the buildings that are left as the US bombed the area with B-52’s back in the day.

Most, if not all the motels / hotels / resorts in Hoi An will run services up to My Son i.e. driver hire (not free of course) or you can organise a day trip with a local agency.

Traditional Cham dances performance

Aside from just wandering around ruins in the mountains, there is a stage doing traditional dance and music performances at scheduled intervals and one of the larger structures has been converted into a quasi-museum with relics from the area and leftover war items (bombs, mines etc).

So many tourists, go early to avoid the crowds
Stonework not too dissimilar from Angkor Wat
Ruins in the jungle
A not so ancient past.

You will knock this over in 3 hours, so don’t set aside a whole day for this, and definitely make sure you go on a clear day. If it rains, to put it bluntly, you are stuffed and will have a shit time as most tracks are grass or dirt. Whilst there is some signage, it might also be worthwhile to get a guide as well to explain the ruins to you but it’s not essential.

Hindi stone work
Remains of a Champa tower / alter

Definitely worth a visit if you have some time to kill during the day.

Getting there:

  • Ask your accommodation where you are staying for a driver would be the easiest method (About 1-hour drive from Hoi An)
  • Local tour agencies.

Recommended time:

  • Half Day trip, approx. 3 hours at the site.
  • Go early if you can to avoid peak heat and crowds and you can be back for lunch.

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