A stay in a Budget Capsule

(Sorry the photos are not great, they are from my phone which is damaged!)

A short-ish layover in KILA 2 (Kuala Lumpur) back to Melbourne, Australia from Seoul, South Korea was late at night with a morning flight out. Going into KL was out of the question, the 2 hotels at the terminal were pricey for the time I required and sleeping on the floor in the airport looked uncomfortable however there was a capsule hotel using converted shipping containers.


Built themselves into the side of the bus / taxi waiting area


Now in my mind, I thought it would be a cool japan style capsule filled with technology and gadgets but I guess I was wrong (and shouldn’t have expected that much for less than $20 AUD for 6-hour stay)


Converted shipping containers becoming accommodation, good for the renewable and sustainability thing i guess?



You also get a bottle of water, a towel, and toothbrush, paste kit. If you don’t want to sleep they also let you just pay for the kit to have a shower. 



“Cosy.” Unfortunately, no cool inbuilt tv’s and radios like you see in Japan.


Given it has showers and toilet facilities this is a good choice for a quick rest and freshen up with a little bit of privacy and a proper mattress to sleep on. Beats sleeping on the floor unshowered!

Note it does get a bit stuffy though and if you are claustrophobic this is definitely not for you.


I only had a pull-down screen that was see through 😦 Other pods seemed to have curtains as well which seemed missing for mine. 



  • Stay for 6, 9 and 12 hours (prices vary with time of course)
  • There is a small bar
  • There’s a pretty sizable library if you want to read
  • Given the capsule is so small they have locker rentals
  • You get to hear other people snore due to proximity and only a piece of fabric separating you from the outside.

Getting there:

This is what threw me, its outside immigration out by the taxi area. So yes you need to clear immigration again to go get your flight.

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