Cirque Du Soleil – Kooza

Oops, long time no write…but now I have actually gone and done something worthy of a mention!

During the week I had the pleasure of taking the parentals to Cirque Du Soleil’s Kooza branded show.

So, how was it?

The circus venue at Flemington

Pretty damn good. It is definitely more dramatic than the Totem branded show with more emphasis on acrobatics and stunts paired with your more traditional circus feel environment (i.e. lots of reds and, golds).


Tent complete with expensive snacks and merchandise

At a tad under 2.5 hours with a 25min interval, it sometimes can feel a little strained between the main acrobatic acts as the filler clown acts and their “king” can be hit and miss and sometimes feeling a bit too over the top and like they are trying too hard to be funny. Having said that they do have their moments, a special shout out to the dog who brings their best lol-worthy moments.

All things considered, given it’s a big portable tent, the alcohol prices are…”reasonable” compared to other places in Melbourne

For the main acts, though, they are impressive with some edge of your seat moments with the wheel of death act one to defiantly look forward too. Yes, small errors were made here and then given the high technical skill level required for the acts but that’s not a bad thing and we are all human after all (I’d like to see haters go and do a backflip on stilts).  The acts being backed by live singing is a nice touch and adds to the human element.

Despite outside appearances, the temporary venue is huge. No allowed to take photos during the show so go google image search if you really want to see Kooza pictures.

Definitely a worth going to event that’s suitable for the whole family and maybe even a date night with valentine’s day coming up. But hey what do I know I’m single…

P.S the clowns do pull people on stage so be prepared for that risk when sitting in the front half.

Cirque Du Soleil – Kooza
Getting there:
Flemington Racecourse
– Train then tram
– Drive ($20 parking fee)
Driving is probably better if you attended an evening show given where it is and how crowded the tram will be.

(There is some Valentine’s day special promo at the moment too)

Run Time

Till the end of march before they jet off to Perth.

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