Chicken Bic Mac – The verdict

No doubt you have seen the Macca’s Chicken Big Mac doing the rounds on the socials and people going bat shit crazy claiming they would move down under to Australia to have it.

But few of these posters have actually had one, so I went and got one for dinner (also because I had no food) to see if it’s worth the hype. So…..

The Chicken Big Mac Honest Review

Now we have all had the experience where you open the packaging and the 16-year-old in the kitchen has carelessly thrown your food together making it look nothing like the ads – so will mine be any different?

Fancy new Minecraft style box but what lies beneath?

Not bad! To be fair did get take away and had this sitting in my passenger seat.

Exceed expectations! It’s not a pile of shit.
It’s actually looking damn good from this angle

Due to the thickness of the “chicken” patties, it’s a bit chunkier to hold than a normal Big Mac and as it’s not the beef patties it’s inherently drier, and you definitely notice it.

Put more special sauce Maccas!

Aside from the obvious dryness, it’s a solid choice post a night out with the lads on the piss. Lighter than a kebab, and a nice change from the normal big mac which feels dated and boring now.  7/10 Good, not great.

7/10, Whilst good, not good enough to move country for and it’s not a permanent menu item.

P.S We also have Salted Caramel Pie’s now in addition to Apple Pies, but they didn’t have any ready when I went to get my burger. I knew Maccas would let me down somehow…

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