Lisboa in a weekend (part 2)

Well rested, showed, carry one packed it’s time to go again!

Day 2

Getting up “earlier” (8am) will let you go on the Santa Just Lift with no line. The lift accepts the metro train ticket as its part of the transport system, however, be warned if you want to go up into the viewing deck there’s an additional fee. A good fast way to get up to the ruins of Carmo Convent, however, the viewing deck it will not add any value if you have done the castle and Alfama district.

Santa Justa Lift by night. Valid public transport ticket will let you use it
The view from the viewing platform above the lift. Outline of St George Castle walls can be seen on the hill.

There’s a museum inside about Portuguese history, however, we didn’t opt for this (better choice coming up).

Carmo Convent ruins, with its roof knocked off by an earthquake.
Up close

After a quick random breakfast anywhere, its Uber (or taxi, whatever works for you but I can’t speak Portuguese) time to Belem area for the day. Due to lines and already past attraction opening times public transport would take too long.

Lucky for us we arrived as the military parade was marching around near Jeronimo’s Monastery

Boy son the job

Being Asian we love a good egg tart and is a standard inclusion in any Yum Cha, so being in Lisbon we had to visit the OG egg tart –  Pasteis de Belem. This ancient place has been around since 1837 so they must know what they are doing by now. The line moves fast given the nature of the food, but limited seating capacity inside, so pro-tip, get takeaway, go to the nearby Starbucks and get a drink and enjoy there! To everyone I say, definitely go here! If not for the tarts then for all the other sweets too.

Yassssssss. You even get cinnamon and icing sugar satchels

After the late morning desert hit, time to burn it off by standing around in a line! The line at Jeronimos Monastery may look daunting, especially at 12.30pm peak time, however, we found it moved reasonably ok compared to other major attractions around Europe, 45min vs 2.5 hours at the French catacombs to give it some perspective.

If you are really impatient the church on the right side is free and turns over much quicker however you are truly missing out if you don’t go in the monastery. The building is beautiful and not so gothic like much of Western Europe, but you don’t earn UNESCO status for nothing I guess!

Inside the Monastery, beautiful stonework everywhere. 

The monastery has its own exhibitions and a fairly lengthy museum (hence no need for the convent visit). Expect to spend around 2 hours here (after the line) if you intend to visit the exhibitions and museum as well.


The free church area


Upon exiting have a chill out in the park across the road, get some lunch and there are things to visit such as the art museum Berarado or go for a walk along the coast where you will see the famous Belem Tower, Sacadura Cabral and Coutinho monument and the Padrão monument/statue. I personally opted for a walk along the coast.


Coastal walkabouts


Being late into the afternoon now would be the time to get to the airport or go get your things and go to the airport. As we had a bit of carry-on luggage we didn’t to carry all day we had them stored at Rossio station in luggage lockers so we took an Uber back picked up our things and easily trained back to the airport.

And so that’s how we made the most out of spending 2 days in Lisbon being as efficient as we can!
Definitely can recommend a visit, good food (much better than London), fantastic weather and extremely affordable compared to some of the other EU nations.

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