Driving the Glenorchy-Queenstown Road

Well, that’s Winter done for another year in this part of the world but the remaining snow still makes more awesome scenery.

If you love cars, driving or just a motor enthusiast this is a must do when in Queenstown. The road has reasonably high-speed limits with fast sweeping gentle bends with plenty of stopping areas off to the side to enjoy the views of the Lake Wakatipu and snow-capped mountains. Even my boring rental Toyota Corolla became fun here.

The drive each way between Queenstown and Glenorchy takes about 45min not stopping but allow for 1.5 hours if you are going to stop for views. Whilst not long like the epic trips on Top Gear, this allows it to be done in less than a day and time in Glenorchy.

But don’t be a dick about it and think this is a fast and furious stage out of InitialD with Eurobeat music pumping, but also keep in mind don’t go 20 under the limit as you enjoy the scenery and single handily cause a traffic jam. Also, in winter there is a bit of grit and potential for black ice in the early morning.

Glenorchy-Queenstown Road

  • Allow for a ½ day trip to Glenorchy
  • Obey the speed limits but also don’t hold up traffic
  • A little rental car is fine but would be more fun in something with a bit more go.

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